Stone Age
Our ancestors use animal skins tied around
their ankles.
8th century B.C.
Greek poet Hesiod writes of socks made from
matted animal fur.
2nd century AD
Romans strut their stuff in ‘udones’, which were sewn from woven fabric and pulled over the foot.
3rd to 6th centuries AD
The first real knit socks discovered in Egyptian tombs of this period.
5th century AD
Socks called "puttees" (etymologically linked to the Hindi word “patti” and essentially comprising strips of cloth wrapped around the feet and calves) are worn by holy people in Europe to symbolize purity.
1000 AD
Socks start becoming a symbol of wealth among the nobility.
The Middle Ages
Men wear colored cloth around their legs, secured with garters. Hose, a fitted cloth that is worn to cover the lower leg, begins to get longer just as "breeches" become shorter. Around the twelfth century, feet are added to that hose.
15th century
Around 1490, breeches and hose join and became the earliest “tights”. These are made of colorful silk, wool, and velvet, with each leg a different color. This leg-wear becomes an indicator of personal style.
The knitting machine is invented by Englishman William Lee and socks can be knitted six times faster! Knitted hose become all the rage. With the addition of a wide variety of prints and patterns, socks became a fashion statement like never before.
17th century
Men’s socks, which were made of knitted silk until now, start to be made with cotton.
Nylon is introduced. Until then, socks were commonly made from silk, cotton and wool. Nylon made it possible to blend two or more yarns – a process that is integral to socks as we know them today. Today, polyester, polyamide, acrylic and spandex are also used.

In the 20th century, as men’s pant grew longer, socks became shorter, with the word “sock” replacing “stocking” for these smaller foot coverings.

Argyles were popular in the Roaring Twenties, but through most of the 20th century, men wore plain socks in basic colors.
21st century
Dress socks undergo a renaissance and become statements of individuality and creativity for gentlemen of style. Colorful, distinctive, well-designed socks become more easily available.
Kipp & Ludwig is born,bringing the latest in dress sock fashions to discerning Indian gentlemen.