The Look

Kipp & Ludwig brings color and design to the humble sock, transforming it from a mere utility item to a statement of creativity and confidence. Our designs range from classic to contemporary. They can be grown-up, sophisticated and serious, but never boring. They can be young, creative and playful, but never flashy. We bring global designs to an Indian context.

The most important element in our aesthetic is color. Whether solid or striped, we try to keep our socks bright, bold and unusual. With K&L, you can choose between a burst of color at the toe and heel for your private amusement or prominent strokes peeking out beneath a trouser!


K&L socks are a modern medium-crew length and designed to fit most Indian gentlemen (shoe sizes UK 7 to 11) under the mid-calf.

The Little Details

No more rolling down!

The calf band is the most battered part of the sock – pulled and tugged and yet expected to hold up the sock. That’s why, we’ve created a doubled over calf-band to give it superior reinforcement and durability.

No more scraping!

K&L heels are contoured and fortified, giving you the perfect protection where your socks take the most weight and scraping.

Prettier toes, gentleman-style!

Instead of the usual hand-linked toe which over-lock the toe seam, K&L socks pair the two stitches together, making the seam stronger, with an elegant finish.