Your socks prefer to be with like-minded beings

Store them in a drawer with other soft items.

Your socks get hurt easily

Don’t let them get caught while the drawer is closing and don’t torture them with long toenails!

Your socks like a warm bath

You can machine wash them at 400C (1050F).

Your socks don’t like being scorched or tossed about

Do not tumble dry or iron. Dry in the shade.

Your socks react badly to excessive chemicals

Do not bleach or dry clean.

Your socks like to hang out in pairs

Take them off together, wash together, store together. Neither they nor you want one sock to be brighter than the other!

Your socks like furry four-legged creatures but not too much

Although K&L socks have been tested by our resident golden retriever, we don’t recommend allowing your puppy to run off with one in his mouth! The teeth and the saliva will do it no good.